In 2015, I outlined a set of principles for how elections in King County should be managed. I continue to believe that the government must protect and prioritize the rights of voters in exercising their right of suffrage. 

My Voters' Bill of Rights:

We are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  As a citizen living in Washington State, you have certain fundamental rights when it comes to voting and our election process. 

  1. You have a right to observe and ask questions in person, by phone, or by e-mail about any voter registration or election procedure.
  2. You have a right to a copy of any and all election information – any document or data generated by the election office belongs to the people.
  3. You have a right to register to vote and to transfer your registration when you move, without difficulty or excessive effort and inconvenience.
  4. You have a right to promptly be notified about upcoming elections, and to receive an official voters guide and a correct ballot in a timely manner for every election.
  5. You have a right to be provided clear information in plain language about the candidates and ballot measures involved in each election.
  6. You have there right to cast a secret ballot free from intimidation.
  7. You have the right to have many convenient places to securely deposit your ballot without a postage stamp, and to receive assistance while voting.
  8. You have the right to a replacement ballot if you have lost, damaged, or did not receive your ballot, or a provisional ballot if your name does not appear on the voter rolls and you have registered.
  9. You have the right to know that your vote was accurately and impartially counted, and that there are multiple checks and balances in place to help prevent human error and fraud.
  10. You have the right to report any illegal or fraudulent activity to your county auditor or to the Secretary of State’s Office without fear of retribution or retaliation.